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Yajur Veda Patasala

Another venture of the Trust is a Patasala for educating and training young boys as well as interested middle aged gruhasthas in Vedas , Shodasa Samskaras , Pusti Karmas and various Parihara Kriyas so that they can serve the community and render service to the needy for fulfilling their religious needs in the way as prescribed by our great Rishi Parampara. This is launched with the sacred objective of Veda Samrakshana or preserving our rich culture and heritage and values , that are deteriorating at a fast pace with the emergence nuclear families , technology and onslaught of western culture.

To all of us Hindus , to whatever denomination we may belong , our common allegiance is to the Vedas. Ours is Vedic Religion. Preserving our religion is preservation of Vedas in its purity. If Vedic religion , of unknown and antique origin , survives today and has a large following , we must be grateful to the Rishis and to the many souls down the line, unselfish, pure and godly ,who developed and practised deep devotion and earnest faith in the Vedas and unswervingly adhered to the ordinances of its practice.

Without putting down in writing but handing over by word of mouth , in oral tradition , Brahmins engaged themselves, as their prime duty , in Veda Adhyayana and Veda Adhyapana from generation to generation .This was not only for enlightenment and advancement in spiritual ladder , but also to conduct religious ceremonies prescribed under the Shodasa Samskaras. Because of diminishing commitment to this prime duty as well as decreasing number of committed practisioners , we have lost trace of more than 80 % of the four veda sakhas we are thus facing alarming prospect of vedas disappearing.

To ensure that Sanathana Dharma remains powerful, full of vigour,effective and popular , it is necessary that we build and maintain Veda Patasalas to educate and produce pundits to continue the vedic tradition. We must affirm continuously the tenents of Sanatana Dharma in our thought and action. Veda Samrakshana is the duty of every Brahmin , which he must imbibe and put in action. We pray to every Brahmin , Brahmana Samooham and Brahmin organisation to ponder over their duty in preserving Sanatana Dharma and do their bit to foster awareness and knowledge of vedas.

Students of the Patasala are trained under Gurukula Sampradaya the proper Prayoga of performing Shodasa Samskra and the Vedic Texts needed for the same. They are also given knowledge in Sanskrit language and basic knowledge in Astrology.

The Yajurveda Patasala is working under guidance from Dharmasreshta Brahmashree Dr . K.V. Seshadrinatha Sastrigal . He is an inmate of Sankara Santhi Nilayam and supervises the conduct of classes . He also gives practical training to students in performing the various Prayogams as prescribed in the various Sutras. He is assisted by Sri Vignesh Ghanapadigal and other qualified faculty for dealing with subjects like Sanskrit .

All these are undertaken free of any cost to the students. The noble purpose is preservation of Vedic cuture , Dharma Sastra and Sanatana Dharma which form the basis of our cultural heritage.

The Patasala was started in 2016 . We admit boys who have undergone Upanayana Samskara , from the age of 7 years. They are provided with decent accommodation and food . There are at present 11 full time students, 5 week end students and 2 evening students who take lessons . Apart from young bys of the age group 7 to 17 , two middle aged gruhasthas are also studying for 3 year course.
The day starts at 4.30 am . 4.30 to students revise the lessons learnt. They finish their daily routine , wash Sandhya vandanam and breakfast by 9.00 am and revise the lessons till 10.00 am. New lessons are learnt from Ghanapadigal ( faculty ) till 11.45 am . After Madhyahnikam and lunch ,.Sanskrit classes commence at 1.00pm. After evening coffee by 3.30 , they have classes till 5.00 pm. On certain days classes are engaed in the evening hrs also after dinner.Only satwik food is served.

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New lessons are not taught on Amavasys, Pournami, Prathama, Chathurthi and Ashtami thithies. Students do revision. Poojas , Homams are conducted at the instance of needy people and our students take part along with Dr. Sastrigal. He explains the significance of different prayogams along with the connected veda/ dharma sastra portions for the benefit of students and those attending . All these are video recorded for later reference. The Patasala has a collection of over 1500 books on different subjects , some of them very old and out of print . We are trying to create digital library.

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