Traditional : 7 year course

This is for boys of age group 7 to 17 years , who have undergone upanayana Samskara. The students are taught Yajur Veda Thaithireeya Samhita and Prayogams. Gurukula Sampradaya of education is followed.








Three Year Course

This is a shorter version of the traditional course . Those who are interested to take up the profession of Vadhyar and in the age group 16 to 40 years are eligible to join. Basic knowledge and skill needed to carry out various poojas / homams/ kriyas in different contexts will be imparted in this accelerated course. This covers samsakara karmas from Garbhadanam to Anthyeshti , pusti karmas like Shastiabda Poorthi Santhi , other poojas like Ganapathy Homam , Bhagavati Seva, Parvana Sradha, Navarathri Pooja, parihara Poojas etc. which are part of our Samskara and Anushtana. The veda parts needed for the above will be taught. In order to be a Sreshta Vadhar , the students will be given practical training in all the above , where by they can straight away take up the post of Acharya in Samoohams. According to the capability of the student , the duration may even extend to 4 years.

Vacation course

This is designed for school going boys in the age group 7 to 17 years . This is a 10 day residential programme . The students will be taught Sandhaya Vandana, Samidhadana, Pratha Smarana Slokas , Vishnu Sahasranama and similar sthotras . They will be taken through our Puranas and Ithihasas to get exposure to our great culture and values. Also contemporary areas like environmental care, team work , attitudinal training etc.

Week end Course

The students report on friday evening and leave by Sunday evening . They are given intense coaching in all the areas mentioned under 3 year course . They record the class room discussions and lessons and refresh through out the week so that they can proceed further in the next weekend class. They are provided with food and accommodation free of cost .usually they are working professional with interest in studying veda.

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Sree Sankara Santhi Nilayam & Educational Trust is an initiative of Kerala Brahmana Sabha , Ernakulam District Committee.

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