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Kerala Brahmana Sabha, as a State-wide vibrant social organization of Tamil Brahmins, was formed in 1982 at the All Kerala Brahmin Convention held at Ernakulam, jointly sponsored by All Kerala Brahmin Association [ then functioning in some District Headquarters of Travancore] and Brahmana Sabha, Palakad, operating in Palakad Town and suburbs. Within an year, District and Upasabha committees were also formed. This provided a common platform for regular interaction between members at Upasabha/District/State levels, and also for discussing and identifying problems facing the community, and for initiating social welfare programmes.

The Ernakulam District Committee of the Sabha registered Sree Sankara Santhi Nilayam & Educational Trust on 2.1.1985 as Doc. No.2 of 1985 at the Ernakulam Sub Registry, for various charitable and educational projects, nominating the following members as founder Trustees, viz. Shri, N.N.Ramachandran, Chartered Accountant, Palakkad, Shri. K.Harihara Iyer, Advocate, Perumbavoor, Shri.A.K.Seshadri, Advocate & Ex Municipal Chairman, Ernakulam, and Shri. P.Veeraraghavan, Prop. Guru Agencies, Ernakulam.

The Board of Trustees, after interaction with prominent members of the District, zeroed on Kalady, the birth place of Adi Sankara, as the ideal place within the District, to launch the welfare activities, initially identified as a Senior Citizens Home and Yajur Veda Patasala. Shri. K.Harihara Iyer and Shri. N Ranganathan of Perumbavoor, sponsored Shri.S,Krishna Iyer, a bachelor living alone at kavugal Madhom, Koovapady, as the first inmate of Santhi Nilayam, which started functioning in a modern rented building in Asramam Road, close to the SreeKrishna Temple and Sree Sankara Mutt in 1985. Three more inmates were admitted in 1985. The Nilayam was shifted to two rented blocks in the Gramam within the Sringeri Sankara Mutt campus. Though with extreme constraints on finance and space, the Nilayam continued to provide shelter and food to more inmates in later years.

In 1987, the first inmate of the Nilayam , Shri. S.Krishna Iyer, gifted his Koovapady property to the Trust. The property was involved in a lease litigation with a tenant, and, after getting full possession ,it was sold. With the sale proceeds 20 cents of land was purchased in 1990 , adjacent to and very much within the Sringeri Sankara Mutt campus,within three minutes walking distance to the Sree Sankaracharya and Sree Saradanbal Temples. With support from philanthropic members of the community as well as from a few prospective inmates, the first own modern building of the Nilayam, named the Sarada Block ,was completed with 20 self-contained rooms, kitchen, dining hall, office and dormitory , suitable for comfortable accommodation of 25 inmates. Brahmasri. B. Sundarkumar , who was one of the ardent well-wishers of the project, had laid the foundation stone for the building and also performed the Grihapravesam, along with his Dharmapatni, Smt. Sudha.

During their Kalady visits, Jagadguru Sankaracharya Sri Sri Bharathi Theertha Mahasannidhanam of Sringeri Mutt and Jagadguru Sankaracharya Sri Sri Jayendra Saraswati Mahaswamikal of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetom have visited the Nilayam and showered their Blessings.

Pressing demand for accommodation acted as a catalyst for acquiring 33 cents of adjacent land and for construction of the second block – the Kamakshi Block – with provision for accommodation of additional 30 inmates. This was completed in 2002 and was immediately full. The third phase of constructioin — a common second floor above the Sarada and Kamakshi blocks, having an area of 7000 sq.ft. complete with an electric lift up to the third floor, was completed in 2017.All the living rooms are provided with basic furniture like cot, chair, fan, steel cupboard, EWC, and hot water from solar panels, with provision for T.V. The Home is recognized by the Board of Control for Orphanages and Other Charitable Homes, Government of Kerala, under Reg. No. 1522 , for accommodation of 90 inmates.

The Home is served by a Resident Hony. Manager, a Care Taker, 3 kitchen staff, and three lady cleaning staff, and is regularly supervised and overseen by a Board of Trustees comprising of 11 members

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Sree Sankara Santhi Nilayam & Educational Trust is an initiative of Kerala Brahmana Sabha , Ernakulam District Committee.

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