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There are many enquiries from different parts of the state and outside the state including foreign countries , seeking facility for carrying out religious functions like Navagraha Homa, Sashtiabda Poothi Santhi , Sathabhisheka, Parihara Homas of various types and even Parvana Sradha and Apara Kriya.

At present our infra structure , man power and financials restrict our capacity to undertake these in a big way . Yet we perform parihara kriyas and Santhi karmas at the request of those who want these to be done in the proper way as prescribed.
Many people are approaching for doing pariharam to get relief from body and mental ailments.

“Poorva Janma Kritham Papam Vyadhi Roopena Varthathe
Thath Santhi Aushadhaihi Daanaihi Japa Homa Archanaadhibhihi “

As per Ayurveda , these pariharams come under ‘Daiva vyapaasraya’ treatment. This is found to be very effective for mental illness. Also for diseases like ‘ Madhumeham’ , pariharam is very effective.

Our students get exposure to the practical aspects of these karmas as part of their training. All those who have experienced the way we arrange and perform the Poojas / homams have great appreciation and satisfaction and come again . They also refer their friends/ relatives. These are undertaken at moderate charges.
We are expanding the facility for such functions and the work is expected to be completed by March 2018, when we will be able to undertake bigger functions .

As part of initiative to reinforce our cultural values in the new generation , we organise vacation residential programmes of 10 days duration. The purpose is to teach the youth Sandhyavandana, and other nithya karmas along with the significance of the daily ritual in sharpening the mental and physical faculties. These are taught with swara . Experts from different areas like purana pravachanam, environment management, behavioural sciences etc . engage the participants in workshops and create awareness about our great culture, tradition and contemporary matters apart from building positive attitude and behavioural improvement for team work.

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Sree Sankara Santhi Nilayam & Educational Trust is an initiative of Kerala Brahmana Sabha , Ernakulam District Committee.

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